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Taste of the Wild Dog Food Reviews

Here are some kind words said about our range of dog food from Taste of the Wild.

My border collie Cooper has been a Taste of The Wild fan since he was a puppy. I have tried other brands but the Ancient Prairie recipes are filled with probiotics and antioxidants that help keep his digestive system in track! Which is important! Highly recommend this dog food + support family businesses!

We’ve been feeding taste of the wild to our pack of 7 for years. They are active and the formulas taste of the wild makes provides the perfect nutrition to build their muscle mass. Our oldest is 14 and loves the food and still has a muscular build and energy. I credit the food for contributing significantly.

I switched my Malinois to taste of the wild afew months ago and she’s obsessed! I could honestly use it as a treat she loves it so much. And I love it because of the great ingredients and relatively low cost. This food has been a god send after our long food search and constant brand switching!

I have tired multiple dogs foods in the last few years one would like it the other wouldn’t, or the size of the food was to big or to small. This FOOD has saved my sanity. It also has made my puppers super happy and healthy.

This is a wonderful brand of food I have also switch my cat to the cat food and bless it she Loves it!!

I’ve raised two seven y.o. Standard Poodles and two Border Collies on Taste of the Wild their whole life, they are all fit and healthy, active and intelligent with not a single health condition. My dogs have also never had any GI issues transitioning from one flavor to the next with this brand. I also raised a litter of seven pups on the puppy high prairie and they were the greatest little pack ever not a single GI issue whatsoever. Awesome brand.

We have four rescued huskies that were all malnourished at the different points of adopting them. Taste of the Wild has been instrumental in them gaining weight and living the rest of their lives in a healthy way. Our huskies are very picky about flavors and we have been able to give them quite a variety with Taste of the Wild. It was also recommended to us by our vet who we trust wholeheartedly with our dogs’ health.

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